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Lauing Mill Iron L Ranch focuses on the Quarter Horse breeding based on their speed, agility, calm temperament and intelligence making him a superb ranch horse and rodeo arena competitor. Possessing an innate cow sense and versatility, the offspring from our breeding program produces all-around horses for novice youths to experienced cowhands.

Denny & Doris purchased their first stallion Play For Bill as a yearling in 1995. Because of their true satisfaction for his bloodlines and ability later they purchased his Dam, Dakota Playboy Girl. Five years later we purchased our double bred Son ofa Doc cutting stallion, Comos Cottoneye first using him in the cutting pen for NCHA and High School Rodeo while introducing him into their breeding program. In 2002 a bred mare, TR Hickory Sap Gay was purchased and added to the program. She produced a gray stallion Frenchmans Hickory (grandson of Frenchmans Guy) which developed a soft-spot in our hearts and joined our stallion battery

After retaining daughters of the stallions we felt the need to inject new bloodlines and disciplines into the program. Two stallions were purchased in 2007, Lil Easy Feature (1993 grandson of Dash for Cash and Frosty Feature) and a yearling Colonel Frenchman (2006 son of Frenchmans Guy and grandson of Colonel Freckles). The year 2010 was bittersweet. After receiving 2 foal crops, Lil Easy Feature passed away in the early spring before his final foals were born. That same year Colonel Frenchmans first offspring were born on the ranch. Colonel Frenchman has been trained and shown by Cami Bauer and has successfully placed in his 5 YO futurities and 6 YO Derbies.

The fall of 2013 proved to be very devastating for the Lauing Mill Iron L Ranch when our beloved senior sire, Comos Cottoneye, perished when the blizzard 'Atlas' hit western South Dakota with vengeance on October 4th. Eleven additional horses lives were lost at the same time. During the breeding season of 2014 Frenchmans Hickory developed an injury resulting in his ability to breed mares. In 2014 Denny & Doris had a mission to add stallions to their breeding program. NMSU Keepvon Truckin (2008 son of Von Reminic X NMSU Doc Truckle CJ) was purchased from the New Mexico State University Equine Program. In 2009, Denny & Doris were invited guest consigners of Armstrong Equine Sale where Von Reminic (National Reining Horse Champion) stands. Holding high regards to the Armstrong breeding program, Lauing's feel very honored to stand a stallion with their legendary bloodlines. Catching the eye of Denny & Doris at the Frenchmans Quarter Horses Sale in 2014, a beautiful bay weanling, Paddys Best Whiskey (2014 Paddy's Irish Whiskey X Best Performance X Special Effort) was destined to be added to the Lauing Mill Iron L Ranch's breeding program. As their 'Stallion In Waiting', Whiskey has a bright future in the arena and in the breeding program.

The ultimate goal to our successful program is the continuation of retaining home-raised mares and stallions enhancing the ability and disciplines while seeking and maintaining legendary bloodlines. Everyone likes to ride a good horse. Our current plan is to breed and sell good useable horses for the ranch or in the arena and to breed and sell better horses ten years from now and beyond.

Colonel Frenchman   NMSU Keepvon Truckin
Palomino Stallion • #4849419 • 4/21/06
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Bay Stallion • #5082736 •1/23/08
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Paddys Best Whiskey
Bay Stallion • #5606770 •4/4/14
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comos cottoneye   frenchmans hickory
Comos Cottoneye   Frenchmans Hickory
Sorrel Stallion • #3381388 • 4/14/95
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Gray Stallion • #453132 • 5/11/02
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Lil Easy Feature   Play For Bill
Gray Stallion • #3277900 • 4/2/93
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Red Roan Stallion • #3363864 • 6/24/94
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