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In 2011, the American Quarter Horse Association recognized the Lauing Mill Iron L Ranch, Denny & Doris Lauing, as a 'Ranching Heritage Breeder' representing the longevity, honesty and integrity of raising quality American Quarter Horses while upholding the ranching heritage.

Qualifications of a Ranching Heritage Breeder is that Ranch Remudas must consist of registered American Quarter Horses, AQHA registered mares must be used to produce ranch horses and operate a working cattle ranch. All foals born on the ranch are eligible to be nominated for an incentive fund for ranch horses and eligible to compete in Ranching Heritage Challenge events.

The Ranching Heritage Challenge will be a series of added-money, regional events that showcase the abilities of ranch-bred American Quarter Horses within a six minute competition where horses will be required to perform a reining pattern, hold and turn a cow on the fence in both directions and rope a cow.
The American Quarter Horse Association Ranching Heritage Breeder Youth Young Horse Development Project awards horses from contributing Heritage Ranching Breeders programs by placing well-bred ranch weanlings into the hands of interested youth. Throughout the next few years, these youth will work with professional horsemen to learn how to effectively care for the health, training and showing of their animals from the time they receive it. In 2012 Denny & Doris Lauing donated DL Miss Comos Bueno (2012 Palomino Filly).
2012 Palomino Filly
    Son Ofa Doc
  Doctor Como Baby Foot
Comos Cottoneye Son Ofa Doc
sire Comos Delight Lynxs Baby Foot
    Docs Marlin
  Marlins Bueno Joe Sheys Doc Chex
Beuno Peppy Angel Yubasan
dam Yubas Easter Angel Gay Bar Angel
With over 60 applicants, the American Quarter Horse Association chose Madison Belisle of Deer Park Wisconsin to be the recipient of the filly donated by the Lauing's. Denny & Doris will act as mentors to Madison and will assist her in any questions she may have. As part of the application process, Madison had to write an essay about how horses affect her life. She wrote, "While other kids my age are on their phones, computors or hanging out with their friends, I am spending time with my horses. It is the most important part of my life besides my formal education." Now that Madison has received the horse, she is required to write a report to the AQHA on the progress and things she has done with the horse. Within the first few weeks of Rue's (barn name given to the filly) arrival in Wisconsin, Madison took her to school to use in a demonstration in her large animal science class. Madison began riding when she was 4 years old. She bought her first Quarter Horse at the age of 8 from proceeds she made selling hand-made headbands. At the age of 12 she started her own business, Hearts & Hooves Riding Lessons, where she teaches students the basics of riding. She is involved in High School Rodeo, the National Barrel Horse Association, 4-H and is an officer with the FFA in her school. Her future plans is to attend college majoring in large animal veterinary science. She hopes to train Rue to be her next rodeo, arena and barrel horse. We wish Madison and Rue great luck in the future.
Denny & Doris Lauing have always had a passion to help the youth in the area. Beside participating in the AQHA Youth Scholarship Colt Donation, they have also hosted professional clinics for 4-H and Jr. High and High School Students.

World Champion Team Roper Bobby Harris Clinic.   Professional NCHA Cutting Horse Trainer Kyle Krause Cutting Clinic.
Sherri (Donahay) Cass /WPRA Badlands Circuit Qualifier, SDRA Champion,/ Barrel Racing Clinic.