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Doris Powers Lauing grew up on a farm in central South Dakota to parents Lenard and Lillian (Miller) Powers. After developing a passion for writing in school she decided to take a sabbatical from the paper and pen and raise her three sons; Keith, Scott and Dan Pazour. In 1995 she was introduced to the western way of life through her husband Denny. With their lives deeply rooted; together they make their life ranching, raising cattle and Quarter Horses near Blunt South Dakota. Picking up a camera to compliment her writing she found a hidden talent. Doris writes and photographs from her home about life as she sees and lives it. Over the past five years she has been published in a number of periodicals as a free-lance writer including Readers Digest, South Dakota Magazine, Quarter Horse Journal, Working Horse, Tri-State Livestock News and Todays Horse to name a few. She has taken assignments covering prestigious events such as the National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas Nevada and the Historic Fort Pierre to Deadwood Trail Ride.

To her credits, her first coffee table book, "Fort Pierre Deadwood Trail: A Trail Rediscovered", was published in October 2008 and "He Walked With The Indians: The Life History of Royal Runge released in June 2009. She also chaired the updating of the Blunt South Dakota History Book from 1984-2009 "Celebrating 125 Years of Being Blunt" and acted as Publisher for Cowboy Poet Blaine Nordvold for the release "Rhymes & Reasons of Ranching & Rodeo (Volume I) in August 2009 and (Volume II) in November 2009. After relocating their ranch to the Black Hills of South Dakota in 2011, Doris stepped outside her comfort zone to research the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally and the legendary Buffalo Chip Campground. She release her 2nd full-color coffee table book in July 2012 deplicting the 30th Anniversary of the Buffalo Chip.




The Legendary Buffalo Chip 'The First 30 Years'

The hard cover pictorial coffee table book takes you through time from the humble beginnings of a party in a pasture to the largest motorcycle entertainment campground in the world. The Legendary Buffalo Chip Campground is located on the eastern outskirts of Sturgis South Dakota which has become one of the must see destinations for the motorcycle world. Doris has chosen over 600 photos from the archives and on-site photographer Aaron Packard and has delivered the story of the first 30 years of the Chip in this 200 page book sharing with you the excitement, the fun and the camaraderie of thousands of bikers during the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. It is safe viewing for all ages.

Released August 2012
$30 Hard Cover



Fort Pierre Deadwood Trail ' A Trail Rediscovered'

A pictorial journey of the one-time historic event commemorating the 100th year of the Fort Pierre Deadwood Trail closing in 1908. Spanning over a seventeen day ride starting at Fort Pierre South Dakota July 29, 2008 and ending in Deadwood South Dakota on August 15, 2008 this full color book takes you back in time to yesteryear with hundreds of participants riding horses and mules and fifty plus horse drawn vehicles.

Published October 2008


  He Walked With The Indians, The Life History of Royal Runge

Royal Runge, A life-long rancher near Blunt South Dakota recounts his family history. With an intense love of the land and interest in preserving the past, Roy became a conservationist and an advocate for Native American cultures. He was a pioneer rancher who instituted quality feed programs and introduced new breeds to the cattle industry. Medicine Knoll, or Medicine Butte, is recognized for holding spiritual and mystical powers through the legends and folklore of the Native American people. The Runge's, once owners of this land, share their story of the stone effigy resembling a rattlesnake and the ceremonies associated with the existence of the people who walked before the white man.

Published June 2009


Celebrating 125 Years of Being Blunt

Blunt South Dakota celebrated 125 Years of existence in June 2009. Committee members Doris Powers Lauing, Maria Tussing and Amanda Fanger researched and compiled information from families, organizations and businesses over the past 25 years from 1984-2009. This is a continuation of the Centennial book "A Century of Roots".

Soft Cover $20



Rhymes & Reasons of Ranching & Rodeo

A collection of Cowboy Poetry written by Blaine Nordvold of Eagle Butte South Dakota. Doris Powers Lauing transcribed poems and eulogies written over the past 20 years about ranching and rodeo and historic people of the industry. Poems about Casey Tibbs, T. C. Holloway and the Fort Pierre Deadwood Trail in Volume I.

Volume I Released in August 2009
Soft Cover $15



Rhymes & Reasons of Ranching & Rodeo, Vol. 2

A collection of Cowboy Poetry written by Blaine Nordvold of Eagle Butte South Dakota. Doris Powers Lauing transcribed poems and eulogies written over the past 20 years about ranching and rodeo and historic people of the industry.

Volume II Released in November 2009
Soft Cover $15