Photo will come later this spring. Miss Frenchmans Lady
Bay • 5-12-08 • 5111088
    Frenchmans Guy
  Frenchmans Tequila Lopez Tequila
Frechmans Hickory Little Hickorysap
sire TR Hickory Sap Gay TR Gay Bar Badger
    Master Hand
  Masterhorn Delta Horn
Lady Bar Horn Troy Prescription
dam JJF Kelly Ludy May JJF Scotts Ludy May
Another of what Lauing Mill Iron L’s program is all about. This dam has full sisters and brothers winning in the ranch sorting, roping and ranch horse competitions. We believe in this cross out of our homeraised stallion and one of our senior dams. We started this filly before she was put in the broodmare band. This mare is broke to ride.



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