Photo will come later this spring. Sadies True Delight
Red Dun • 5-6-07 • 5032829
    Sun Frost
  Frenchmans Guy Frenchmans Lady
Sadies Frosty Drift Wilywood
sire Wilywood Baretta Snippy Baretta
    True Roman
  My Roman Soldier Drop O’ Honey
Romans True Delight PC Bronsin
dam My Sadie Glo Glos Little Sis
Sadies Frosty Drift is one of Frenchmans Guys greatest money earning son’s in barrel racing and roping while crossing back to Driftwood and Joe Reed II on the Dam’s side. Sadies Frost Drift now stands in Brazil. This mare is a wonderful addition to the Lauing Mill Iron L Ranch program.



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