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We feel our broodmare band compliments our stallions creating a well built program. Our goal is to produce all-around prospects that are athletic, correct confirmation, nice dispositions and excellent bloodlines that will provide you with the best opportunity to be successful on the ranch or in the arena. Click on the name of the mare below to see the pedigree, photo and description.

Mare Sire Dam Birth Date Color
DEEDS POCO MITZI Poco Tripoly Little Bonnie Te May 18, 1995 Chestnut
LADY BAR HORN Masterhorn JJF Kellys Ludy May June 11, 1996 Bay
MIZ HOLLY SAN LENA Limp O Lena Hollys Double San May 3, 1997 Bay
MS HEADED FOR HOME Sons Doc O Sugar Redwood Cally June 6, 1998 Red Roan
BUGS WINNIN LEIGE Billiesbrownbomber Robin Swoon April 27,1999


MISS FISHN COPY Fishers Dash Miss Town Copy June 1, 1999 Gray
TR HICKORY SAP GAY Little Hickorysap TR Gay Bar Badger May 10, 1999 Gray
WATCH JOY FRECKLES Play For Bill Playboys Lydia April 23, 2001 Chestnut
WATCH PLAYBOY GIRL Billy Star Pat Dakota Playboy Girl June 21, 2001 Red Roan
DIAMONDS TEAR DROP Reds Docs Diamond Little Red Dash April 7, 2002 Sorrel
KIP E CHROME Chrome E Kirk Cashy Streak May 13, 2002 Sorrel
WOODYS LADY LOVE Bradywood Treasured Lover May 15, 2002 Buckskin
COMOS HICKORY BADGER Comos Cottoneye Tr Hickory Sap Gay April 19, 2004 Gray
COMOS JAZZY FRECKLES Comos Cottoneye Dakato Playboy Girl April 22, 2004 Chestnut
COMOS DOC FRECKLES Comos Cottoneye Watch Playboy Girl May 8, 2004 Sorrel
SHESA BUSY SILKWOOD Hesa Busy Chex Cinderwood Silk May 13, 2005 Bay
HAIDAS PLAYBOY GIRL Peppys Inrepid Dakato Playboy Girl May 17, 2006 Sorrel
COMOS KING PLAYGIRL Comos Cottoneye JR King Playgirl June 13, 2006 Sorrel
WHITCHS SIGNATURE Red Hot Quixote JJ Miss Kitaluck April 12, 2007 Sorrel
SADIES TRUE DELIGHT Sadies Frosty Drift Romans True Delight May 6, 2007 Red Dun
MISS FRENCHMAN LEO Frenchmans Hickory Dakota Playboy Girl May 4, 2008 Gray
PLAYBOY PEPPY ANGEL Playboy Peppy Elvis Beuno Peppy Angel May 7, 2008 Palomino
MISS FRENCHMANS LADY Frenchmans Hickory Lady Bar Horn May 12, 2008 Bay
COMOS HICKORY CASH Lil Easy Feature Comos Hickory Badger May 9, 2009 Sorrel
COMOS PLAYGIRL CASH Lil Easy Feature Comos Playboys Lydia May 10, 2009 Sorrel
DL MISS ILLUMINATOR Frenchmans Hickory Watch Playboy Girl May 23, 2009 Gray
Mare Sire Dam Birth Date Color
SHE KITTY FRECKLES Gay Bar Freckles She Kitty Whizz May 5, 1984 Chestnut
DAKOTA PLAYBOY GIRL Dakota Playboy Hanks Strawberry April 12, 1987


LITTLE MERRY DOC Doc Jays Bo Bar Little Tonet June 2, 1987 Bay
SWEET SUGAR ROCKET Sugar Rocket Gents Sweet Cookie May 17, 1991 Sorrel
PLAYBOYS LYDIA Playboys Yoyo PS Destello May 4, 1993 Chestnut
TRIP DASH FLASH Poco Tripoly Shesa Dashing Lady April 16, 1997 Chestnut
JR KING PLAYGIRL Smooth King Buck Whistlers Playgirl May 1, 2000 Sorrel
RED BAR HORN Billy Star Pat Lady Bar Horn June 5, 2000 Red Roan
PRISSY TRIPLE JET Bertie De Badger Sugs Triple Jet March 22, 2001 Black
WOODYS FOXY MOON Woodys Nikita Moon Foxy Medora May 12, 2002 Bay
BUENO PEPPY ANGEL Marlins Beuno Joe Yubas Easter Angel May 13, 2002 Palomino
GAY COLONEL TIVIO Biebers Doc Colonel Kawligas Freckles May 15, 2002 Gray
VALENTINE ZAN PARR Zan Parr Sage Miss Dash N Benito May 13, 2003 Palomino
COMOS POCO FRECKLES Comos Cottoneye Playboys Lydia April 18, 2004 Chestnut
BOONSMALS JEWEL Peptolena Boy Under The Infuluence May 15, 2004 Bay
FRENCHMANS PAT STAR Frechmans Hickory FR Stars Mae Girl April 19, 2005 Gray
MISS LIL EASY Lil Easy Feature Staretta Jackie June 21, 2006 Gray
ROAN BAR FRENCHMAN Frenchmans Hickory Watch Playboy Girl April 30, 2007 Red Roan
DL FRENCHMAN FRECKLE Frenchmans Hickory Watch Joy Freckles May 12, 2007 Sorrel
FRENCHMANS BABY FOOT Frenchmans Hickory Comos Playboys Lybia May 13, 2007 Gray
DL BLONDYS DRIFTWOOD Blondys Driftin Dude Hagens Miss Drifter July 08, 2007 Buckskin